The July-like heat that the Northeastern U.S. has been experiencing is not expected to last much longer. Temperatures in the region started rising above the mid-month normals for this time of the year during Father’s Day weekend, with a number of cities hitting the 90-degree mark on both Saturday and Sunday. While warm weather is expected to stick around for most of the Northeast on June 21st, which is the first official day of summer, a cold front that will sweep the area is expected to bring down the extreme heat. 

In addition to bringing in some rain, the front will also lead to severe thunderstorms across parts of the Northeast. Residents in areas like Burlington, Vermont, Montreal, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, and Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee, have been advised to watch out for feisty thunderstorms. Weather forecasters are of the opinion that although the main threats will be torrential downpours, hail, and gusty winds, an isolated tornado may form near the Canadian border. 

While drier conditions will likely move into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes by June 22, wet weather is expected to last for some other regions along the I-95 corridor. The thunderstorms and increased cloud cover will reduce the temperature in many of these regions. Instead of high temperatures that are touching 90, many areas can expect to experience high temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 

Although torrential downpours could delay travel in the region, meteorologists are not expecting widespread severe weather on June 22. The most refreshing weather conditions will likely only set in once the region dries out. And, the drop in humidity will also be quite evident, with dew points predicted to dip into the lower 60s. 

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