Air conditioners and fans that may have been turned off for the last few days in the Northeastern United States are likely to get a workout as temperatures are expected to rise during the weekend. Weather forecasters have said the temperatures will increase even further by early next week. 

Although temperatures will not be as high as the unprecedented heat in the Northwest, and residents in many regions may even feel like the warmth is quite typical for this time of the year, temperatures across the Northeast will likely swing 5-10 degrees north of what is usual for late June.

After a stretch of pleasant weather with low humidity, temperatures will start heating up in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast during the final days of the month. As high pressure continues to strengthen off the East Coast, humid air will increasingly be pumped into the area. Although muggy conditions will prevail, most locations in the region will continue to remain dry unlike in the Northwest. However, rounds of thunderstorms are also forecast as a result of the increased humidity levels and warmth, which could cause some damage and lead to flooding in certain parts of the Midwest next week. 

Once the humid air is back this weekend, weather forecasters are expecting that it will stick around for an extended period of time – perhaps till the end of next week. On June 28 and 29, warm, humid air will intensify and expand across the Northeast, with temperatures ranging between 95 and 100 from Maine to Virginia, while cities like New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia may see temperatures going north of 100 degrees, especially during the late afternoon. 

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