The dry weather that the Northeast enjoyed for a brief period has come to an end, while parts of the Southeast are likely to receive some much-needed rain. 

Although widespread rounds of flooding and severe weather are not expected in the eastern third of the country toward the end of the week, meteorologists have cautioned that isolated incidents of damaging winds and thunderstorms could cause some flooding. 

During Memorial Day weekend, an unusually cold and slow-moving storm drenched regions in the northeast with 1 to 3 inches of rain that left the ground saturated. Although a few days of dry weather followed that spell, the ground is still quite moist. 

This may cause the ground to become quickly saturated in case of isolated downpours, leading to ponding in areas with poor drainage. That said, with this setup, the flooding of smaller streams will likely be isolated events. The main concern is travel delays and the risk of highways and streets getting flooded. 

In this case, the storm that is forecast to cause the downpours is expected to keep moving, which means urban flooding should likely be brief. Motorists, however, should be prepared for slowdowns due to the downpour on highways. Underpasses that are prone to flooding may get temporarily submerged as well. 

Weather forecasters have also predicted that during the weekend, the potential for thunderstorms in the Southeast along the Carolina coast will likely continue, but interior locations in the region may be free of rain. Farther north, the weather during the weekend is likely to come as a welcome respite for millions of people, who had a rainy holiday weekend last week. 

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