The end of March in the Northeast region saw a few warm and golden days, but if you thought you were ready to embrace spring, April had other plans. The first week of this month has brought bitter winds, chilly weather, and a few days of snowfall to the region. 

On Friday, temperatures in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic climbed only to fall drastically as the region went into the weekend. Experts attribute this inclement weather to a storm system that is currently ripping through the Canadian Prairies. This storm system will gather all the remaining Arctic air and send it hurtling to the eastern half of the U.S. On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures might go up 10 to 20 degrees but the Great Lakes, the Appalachians, and Northeast will see temperatures fall below normal on Thursday. In Buffalo, New York, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania temperatures may plunge to the mid-30s by Thursday while in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia, the temperature will reach the lower 40s.

It won’t just be cold. Weather experts also predict snow squalls and rain as storms travel from the southern Appalachians to the New England coast. On Tuesday, rain in Ohio and Tennessee Valley will propel cold air across the region. Inland in the Northeast, experts predict several inches of accumulated wet snow on Thursday morning. Areas close to the coast will spend this week shivering through temperatures in the 20s and 30s. Roads will stay wet and slippery on Thursday unless there is a heavy snow squall which may create slushy or icy spots. There is also a high chance of reduced visibility and travel could be dangerous.

Groupel, which refers to soft hail or snow pellets, is another weather phenomenon on the horizon in early April. Groupel is caused when strong sunshine interacts with pockets of cold air coming into the region. This cold snap is likely going to last until the middle of the second week of April.

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